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Originails Salon & Spa Reviews

Will definitely be going back here for my pedicures. They took there time and really cared about the end result. All the staff is extremely fun and friendly. 10/10 - go here!!

Briana S

“ I had a pedicure with Karley on June 18th. The salon has taken all measures to keep clients and staff safe during the COVID 19. Wearing a mask is required (thank you), using sanitizer or washing hands is also required before the service. The Salon is extremely clean. The staff is professional and friendly. Karley did a wonderful job and I recommend Karley and Originails. I felt 100% safe and love my pretty toes :).”


Anastasia is the best esthetician in the area. Her knowledge about skin and ingredients in skin care products and makeup is remarkable. She cares about her clients and their skin, and her approach is very effective and relaxing. Her full schedule is proof of her talent, but she is worth the wait. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my face!!"

gina w.

“ I had damaged nails coming in. My old salon took awful care of my fingers when I got nail enhancements removed. Karley was GREAT. She was super sweet and patient. She's very easy to talk to and knew exactly what to do about my nails and how to best go about making sure they get fixed. The gel I had on my fingers from my old salon was not soak-off (which I learned then and there), and Karley was able to push back one of her other appointments by a few minutes so that she could take proper care of my nails, including carefully filing away the polish.

It is a very clean and welcoming place, and you can tell it's a tight group of caring people. I will definitely be returning.”

Alexa A

“Originails is my FAVORITE for nails, massage and esthetician services. These ladies are the best! I make my appointments well in advance and look so forward to going every time. Highly recommended. Looking so forward to seeing these ladies again after months of shut down!”

Renee T

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